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Ivan [O.R.G.A.N] by YerBestFriend99
Ivan [O.R.G.A.N]
got invited to join :icono-r-g-a-n: :D
I've got lots of sketches of this guy, maybe i'll upload them later orz
Oh, and the kanji on his shirt says 'Man' coz he's manly//slapped

[EDIT] edited his reason for joining and a bit of his background. the '*'s indicate the changes that have been made~

Name: Ivan Berns
Nickname: Ivan, Ivy
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Weight & Height: 5'9ft / 180cm, 68kg

Organ: Hand
Attribute:To The Ground
- Ivan's epidermis and dermis at his palms are thinner than most people. other than that, he also has more touch receptors at the same area. This makes him very sensitive to touch, he can feel even the slightest vibrations in the ground or wall. This allows him to 'feel' someone coming his way or walking near him. He can also make guesses, based on the strength and frequency of the vibrations, about the gender and/or age of the person. He is mostly right about 60% of the time, because people do differ in weight and size. But this ability is limited to smooth ground, and surfaces like gravel roads won't work for him very well. Also, because his skin is so thin, he gets cut easily around the hand.
Profession: Gangster

At first glance, Ivan appears as a happy and quite mischievous guy. He looks like the type of person who doesn't think twice, or doesn't really care about the decisions he make, but he actually thinks a lot, but he does it all in his head doesn't make a big deal out of it, leading to people assuming he's a laid-back type. He can't really manage his thoughts well though. He often gets confused about what he wants, what he thinks of something or how he feels. This is because he naturally looks at things from all angles
, that he, personally doesn't know which side of an argument he's on or which opinion he supports. Often this can lead to him not being able to make up his mind. He's open minded and likes to listen to others' opinions. He also is not sensitive with rude remarks directed to him, because he doesn't take them seriously even if it is. He doesn't get attached easily to anything, be it people or objects. Because of this he is able to move on quickly, but sometimes, he gets called heartless because of this. (ask his high school exes xD) Although he would NEVER say it out loud, he judges people quite a lot based on their actions and the decision that they make. He never says anything bad about someone out loud, and is quite the sweet talker. He can be a hypocrite sometimes too. He is a passive aggressive jerk sometimes. He's not afraid to throw a sarcastic joke/insult at someone if they are annoying him.

Reason for coming to O.R.G.A.N:
Being curious about human nature, Ivan wonders why people do what they do, specifically why bad people do bad things. He pondered about being a police officer or a detective when leaving high school, but heard about o.r.g.a.n somewhere along the road of applying to become one. Ivan was much more interested in organ because of its secretive and mafia-like appearance. He also liked that they solve crimes faster that police and thinks that he and his ability would be useful for an organisation like this.
Ivan was born in a well-off family, with his dad being an engineer and his mom a housewife and part time freelance artist. He grew up being told many stories and fairy tales, and watching movies, and TV series. He always tries to imagine how it would feel like to be the characters and would ask himself what he would do if he was in the same situation. He has always been curious about people and the way they think. He also grew up being told by his mother that he can be whatever he wants when he grows up, but not to get too caught up with the future, that you neglect the present. His mother always gave him advice like this, and Ivan keeps it at heart. He's a momma's boy 

Having his ability since he was young, Ivan would always know if his mom or dad are coming, so if he's doing something he's not supposed to, like eating sweets when he's supposed to be sleeping, he quickly hides it and pretends to be innocent. Because of this, he's become quite a good liar.

He matured quite early, not letting what others say of him bother him at all. He decided early on that he would only get attached to something or someone if he thinks he can really trust them.  He's learnt a lot from watching others make mistakes, and tries to avoid making them himself.

*Before high school started, Ivan decided that he has been too inactive and not doing enough in his youth. He wanted to stand out and not be just a face in the crowd. He started dressing in fashionable clothing and wearing accessories.

When he was in high school, he took part in a lot of things, trying out new stuff like football, basketball, piano, choir, taking up languages and lots of other things. However, he is mostly known for his excellence in Juudo, winning 2nd in the national level tournament. in turn for participating in a lot of activities, he became pretty popular in school. As such, he got into a few relationships over the course of his high school life.* Being a good deceiver, Ivan would charm his partner with whatever persona that the person likes. He doesn't think anything of this, and says he's just keeping them happy. Eventually though, the relationships end because of his detachment. He lets go easily, because like his mom said, "life is too short to be stuck in the past". He had many friends, but just a few that he really opens up too. 

- Sweets
- people who trust him
- Compliments
- his independence
- cologne
- to be proven right
- accessories 
- People who cant accept reality
- Cockroaches 
- people forcing him to do something
- the smell of markers
- racist or sexist people
- allergic to nuts
- ambidextrous 
- tba

RP Method:
I can RP through notes or skype.. I visit chatroom too when im free UwU
I can use whichever method you like~
Go ahead and note me or sumthin if you want to rp! I'm always up for one!!
[PG] Annabelle in Wonderland by YerBestFriend99
[PG] Annabelle in Wonderland
AMG i barely made it ;w;
for :iconpandoragarden:

I hope this entry is ok...
I actually drew a full picture with a background and everything, but my computer had problems before i could submit it. I thought it would be fixed by the deadline, but then i was told yesterday that it can't be fixed TAT
so, i had to draw this, instead ;^; so, its kinda half-assed, im sorry T^T
Rei Chan~ by YerBestFriend99
Rei Chan~
My beautiful megane butterfly~~<3

It wasnt supposed to be rei at first, but the expression just reminded me of him so, yeahh 
he ended up looking a bit childish, so i drew him as middle school rei ;w;~~

constructive criticism is welcomed~!

Commissions are open
Terms & Conditions

:bulletyellow: please note me if you're interested, with the format i have at the bottom of this journal. You can ask in the comments if anything is unclear
:bulletyellow: I will start the commission once payment is recieved
:bulletyellow: I will decline the commission if i feel that i can't do it, sorry
:bulletyellow: Feel free to post it in your gallery or social media, but remember to credit properly
:bulletyellow: do not claim as your own
:bulletyellow: if the character is your oc, please have a coloured reference~
:bulletyellow: please be patient, i might take a while to finish depending on the type of commission

Will and Won't Draw

Will draw:
:bulletgreen: Girls & boys are both fine
:bulletgreen: couples (soft)
:bulletgreen: Fanart
:bulletgreen: OCs 

Won't draw:
:bulletred: ocXcanon pairings aren't my thing, sorry ;w;
:bulletred: nsfw
:bulletred: anthro/furry
:bulletred: mecha
:bulletred: realistic

Commission Types

Headshot/Bust up
10 USD/ 1000 :points: (+4 usd/ 400 :points: for extra character. Maximum 2 characters per piece)

Normal coloring:
Hanna - Happy Birthday Alicia~! by YerBestFriend99 KyouAki - Promise [Contest Entry] by YerBestFriend99  Utau Fall Contest - 3rd Place by YerBestFriend99

Hatsune Miku by YerBestFriend99  14 and Kimyou by YerBestFriend99  Happy Birthday Kiyoteru! by YerBestFriend99

Knee Up / Full body
15 USD/ 1500 :points: (+8 usd/ 800 :points: for extra character.Maximum 2 characters per piece)

Normal Coloring:
[AT] Cera and Orzine by YerBestFriend99  Ryone Yami by YerBestFriend99   Waitress? by YerBestFriend99

Kaname Madoka by YerBestFriend99   Mary by YerBestFriend99

If you would like backgrounds like the following, you will be charged extra according to complexity. If not, I will leave the bg white or add a simple one.
bg examples: Mary by YerBestFriend99  Ryone Yami by YerBestFriend99


If you're interested, please note me with the following:

Title: Commission

Type: the type you would like. eg: Headshot painting.
Character: Please mention the character's name and include at least 1 clear colored reference. Also, please mention the character's personality if its not already written somewhere i can read. This will help me portray the character better.
Information: Here, you can put details about the drawing you want. like the pose of the character, expressions, objects and things like that. Also, if you want a background, mention what kind you want here.

:bulletyellow: Please make your payment after i accept the commission. Meaning after I reply to your note.
:bulletyellow: Please pay through the "Paypal Account" button below
:bulletyellow: I will ask you if i am unclear about the character, bg, ect. via dA note.
:bulletyellow: I will update you once i have a sketch, and if you want to make changes, please inform me at that time.
:bulletyellow: you will pay the paypal fee if there is one
:bulletyellow: refunds may be made BEFORE i start. 

Paypal Account
 If anyone is confused about using paypal, try this

Thank you~~! 
Tagged by :iconakuchotan:

1) You must post these rules.

2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that". 
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7) No tag-backs
8) Answer if you want.

1. lazy butt
2. buck-toothed lol
3. going to be 16 next year
4. i have a thing about megane-kuns *///w///*
5. not allergic to anything! 
6. can't cook orz
7. ate myself for breakfast (hany=honey haha get it? i'm so funny//bricked)
8. naruto ocs were my chuunibyou (/~\) so embarassing
9. kawaii potato
10. confident speaker//or so my english teacher says :iconmingplz:

QUESTION BY :iconheadstrong210:
1. What do you think of DA?
I think dA is pretty cool. And i dont really mind the changes that they're making to it... the people here are really crazy, in a good way// who can blame us,right? we're artists! xD

2. What are you addicted to?
hmmmm... i'd say im addicted to vocaloid music?? yeahh

3. List your personality in 3 adjectives.
GENKIIIII xD, strange & happy?? idkidk

4. What are you up to now?
answering this tag?? |D other than that, i'm working on a mekakucity actors fanart :3

5. Favorite food?
too much to list downn xD hmmm right now, i feel ike eating pocky, so yeah

6. List 3 objects/things that you can't live without.
my phone, pencil and paper (/w\)

7. Can you imagine your future like? describe. short.
eehhh, i still dont know what to do in the future, but maybe i'll go to college or university?? or work as a freelancer?? idkidk

8. How old are you? 

9. How would you confess to someone you love?
amg i tried before, but i couldnt do it ;w; well, i'd like to do it face to face rather than through messages or anything. and then just blurt out my feeling for that dude, i guess...
10. You're a robber that crash into a house, list 5 things that you will steal.
laptop(mine's broken ;w;), nice boots if they have any, money, the house key so that i can come back xD and..... socks? idkidk


1. ever stepped on a lego?
2. How would you react if your pencil could suddenly talk and judges your artwork?
3. do you play an instrument? if not, what would you like to try?
4. if you turned invisible for a day, what would you do?
5. if you could choose 3 characters from any anime to come to life, who would it be?
6. who's your favourite vocaloid?
7. favourite genre for movies?
8. who would you like to cosplay as if you have all the materials?
9. apple or orange?
10. which wild animal would you keep as a pet?

i tag...
:iconranakamajunii::iconvocalizer::iconyasupan: ehhhhh i dont wanna tag so many people;; these will do ;w;
DONE amg


YerBestFriend99's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Allo people of the internet! :iconsayhiplz:
Welcome to my page!
My name is Hany youdontneedtoknowmylastname
Im from Malaysia! Malaysian Flag by kausa

I am an anime/manga artist who enjoys listening to vocaloid music when drawing. I'm in many fandoms, so if you'd like to bond over animes, please do so any time xD. I'm also a Vocaloid and UTAU user.

If you have a tumblr account (and free time :')) visit my blog here >>
~ PeaceOut~


VOCALOID Stamp by MyFebronia UTAU User Stamp by jocund-slumber I Love Vocaloid Stamp by King-BlockMayus :thumb138872022:
True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage Artist's comments stamp by Shutsumon Sketch Artist Stamp by Paprika-Studios Good Artists Are... by savagebinnI don't thank for faves... by OritPetra Sorry  I don't thank for favs by Metal-GoddessVocaloid Group Picture by azianwolfdollK-ON Stamp by Jay-HanBakuman Stamp by Twilight-Aura Bakuman stamp by uchiha-itachi111 Akito Fan Stamp by aldu77 Bakustamp2"Takagi" by Enderkichi Bakustamp1"Mashiro" by Enderkichi Naruto-stamp by kairiSparda Flashing Naruto Uzumaki Stamp by FANGIE-CHAN Naruto Lover Stamp by Immature-Child02 Stamp ~ Thank you, Naruto by Judiette Hinata love - Stamp by KaorulovHatsune Miku by MisakiAmour Move Things With Mind by fear-the-brilliance Poke Challenge: Stamp by JazzaXI'm a Confused Person by pjukForever Drawing by Kiqo7Keep smiling by SirvanaRachanaDEAD MASTER vs BRS by azianwolfdollMusic In Miku by azianwolfdollFairy Tail Stamp: Loke by xStormyChaos:thumb289802815:Stamp: Fire vs Ice by uzukun89Fairy Tail Stamp 2 by whiteflamingoFT: Natsu vs. Erza stamp by Kaze-yoStamp - Glasses by the-illustr8orLa Corda d'Oro Stamp - Kiniro no Corda by TenshiNoFuuHiharaHino Stamp by icerydragonLa Corda d'Oro stamp by La-Corda-D-OroI-Heart-Kyou Kara Maou - Stamp by missionYCOStamp - Sket Dance 2 by SuxinnSket Dance Stamp by klll100Sket Dance Stamp by KhallandraI love... stamp by AlexanJHimeko Stamp by bremm-ruarteBossun Stamp by klll100VOCA: Kiyoteru by potato-stampsVocaloid - Hiyama Kaito by iReallyWishThank you llama by YooMeSHINee Lucifer Stamp by JustSayNOriega

Paypal Account

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